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The foundations of Fitness Clan have been laid to support our passion to create our strong, friendly,  family environment where people can achieve their personal aspirations.



£ 35 Monthly

6 Monthly

£ 195 6 Monthly


£ 320 Yearly
best value

Day Pass

£ 7 1 Day

Monthly (Junior)

£ 30 Monthly
  • Ages 16 - 20

Monthly (Senior)

£ 30 Monthly
  • Ages 60+

Open 7 days a week

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GymSync Booking

Book your gym and class sessions with us through the GymSync app.

Online or with their native iOS and Android apps.

How to use the app

  1. Click “Let’s Get Started”
  2. Follow the Sign Up procedure
  3. From the main booking page select “Find a class”
  4. Next choose “Connect with more” and under “Find by name” search for “Fitness Clan”
  5. You can then browse our classes and available sessions and book straight from the app.